Rachel Wilson - Mixed Media and Installation at When and Now Studios


Rachel Wilson is a painter and a printmaker who enjoys working in several mediums, creating her pieces in a variety of sizes and shapes and then showing them in unexpected spaces.  She paints in acrylics, prints monotypes with mixed media additions, cuts stamps for her paintings and cards, and loves working on big, colorful installation pieces for public spaces and gardens.


Rachel’s work focuses on her attraction to natural forms and her interest in transition and transformation through time and cultural change. She combines landscape painting traditions with odd fossil shapes, alphabets new and old, drawings of animals and bones, and stamps of road signs and emojis. She loves to celebrate the natural world, and worries about its survival.


Rachel has lived in Flagstaff since 1980, and has shown work all over Arizona and much of the US.  She’s been able to travel often and to live in widely scattered parts of the world. She has been invited to several artist residencies and has enjoyed working in beautiful settings from New Zealand to Connecticut to the Grand Canyon.



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